When we happened to donate blood to a sister of our colleaque, we were to do the same to a unknown sister who was struggling from labour pain. Our journey started on that day at Government Hospital, Krishnagiri.

Emigrated from various places of Tamilnadu, seeking employment opportunities, we started living at Hosur as workers. We use to work in the nights, when the whole town fall into sleep and vice versa. We on daily basis, face challenges while executing our work with mega machines and in hazardous atmosphere.

With basic humanity, we started helping poor people of Hosur in the fields of education, medication and livelihood. Mainly, we concentrated in providing stationeries to pupils of Government schools. Since, Hosur made us to get united, we choose the name “HOSUR ANBUKKARANGAL ARAKKATTALAI”, giving significance to the industrial town. Apart from the above mentioned services, we felt that we had to save precious lives by donating blood to the needy people during accidents and deliveries. This intention made us to initiate UDHIRAM in December 2004.

Hosur is known for its spectacular weather conditions and vegetables. The town is the major source for many vegetables which are sent to other parts of the state. But, the farmers, especially ladies who cultivate these vegetables, suffer from shortage of blood and other blood related diseases. Hence, our first and foremost duty was to donate blood at Government Hospital. Hosur for those villagers during deliveries.

We got inspired by flawless and dedicated service, provided by one Ms. Shanthi Rajasekar at G.H., Hosur who was incharge of blood bank. And  one more staff was Ms. Sumathi, who has introduced Shanthi to us. These two have created transparency and approachability for the blood donors such that the donors can step in without hesitation and with confidence. We are making use of this favourable situation.

Beside, if needy people are willing to bear travelling expenses for the donors, we would send them to Krishnagiri or Bangalore also for blood donation.