Blood is needed every minute.Your blood donation may be even more special than you realize.

Blood Donation Camp

May Month blood donation camp 2016.

Place - parimalam matriculation school. Hosur.

Day - 01-05-2016,Time- 10 am to 2 pm.

Your blood donation may be even more special than you realize

           A single donation from you can help one or more patients. This is possible because whole blood is made up of several useful components. These components perform special functions in body. The various blood components are Platelets, Plasma and selected Plasma Proteins. Each of these components can be separated from your donated volume of blood and transfused into a specific patient requiring that particular component.Thus, many can benefit from one unit of blood.

Blood is needed every minute

  1. To replace blood lost because of accidents or diseases.
  2. For major & minor surgeries including open heart surgeries,transplants etc.
  3. For patients suffering from Anemia.
  4. During child birth for the mother.
  5. For exchange transfusion for new born infants.
  6. For children suffering from ailments like Thalassaemia,Hemophilia.